Our clients include architects, building engineers and builders.


We have well established working relationships with numerous architectural firms. We help them develop the design details that turn their creative vision into structure designs that sometimes take designs to the limit of working with timber. The timber designs we develop will always comply with relevant regulatory building codes, ensuring smooth passage through the council approval processes.

Building engineers

We frequently work with engineers, preparing their designs for roofs, walls and floors, identifying potential design flaws on the plan and collaborating to develop design solutions that always work in the real world on site. Our specialist experience in timber design complements their broad expertise, helping them deliver a more comprehensive service to their clients.


Where required, we work with builders or directly with their clients to develop complete plans for timber structures and assist with obtaining council approval. We can identify exact timber quantities required for any given project, offering significant cost savings on timber purchases. The builders we have worked with for many years know they can count on us for accuracy and workable solutions.

Accountability and workable solutions